Friday, December 01, 2006

"I will kiss your tears away" - Dire Straits

I knew last night was not going to be easy. I knew that it would be emotional for all of us, especially Mira. Whenever she cries I think of the Dire Straits song "I Will Kiss Your Tears Away."

Hassan left last night and is on his way to Washington, DC. I can't believe it. He can't believe it. Most of all, Mira can't believe it.

Shabaan, Gamal and Ehab came over last night about 10:00 to drive Hassan to the airport. They sat for a little bit, had tea, and then it was time to go. Luckily Mira was sleeping since 8 so it was a little easier for Hassan to spend time with his friends.

When it was time to go, Hassan and I went to wake up Mira. I could see that Hassan was really sad. He doesn't cry, at least I've never seen him cry, but he got really close when we went to wake up Mira. She cried and cried. "Oh my little girl loves her Daddy" I thought. All the love in the world is wrapped up in this 8 year-old who doesn't want to let him go.

Hassan was getting ready to leave and Mira was on the back balcony waiting to see Hassan when Hassan and I said our good-bye. After all this, all this big talk, this great idea about him going for a couple of months came down to these last few minutes.

No it's not a long time, it's only a couple of months, but honestly we've never been apart for more than 3 weeks at a time and that was when Hassan would visit Cairo (I know I'm repeating myself). We've never been apart especially with Mira. Alhamdulillah Hassan and I have a great marriage. We don't argue much, we agree on most things, agree to disagree on others, live independent lives but always come home to each other. One does not overpower the other, nor does one manipulate the other. We are an equal balance, a partnership. Most of all we trust each other to the end.

Mira and I were on the back balcony when Hassan left with his friends. She cried and cried, and all I could think of was the Dire Straits song. It was sad but beautiful that this little girl who is trying to be so grown up so early in life loves her Daddy so much. "Daddy, don't go!" she cried, "Daddy, why are you leaving me!" She eventually settled down and fell asleep.

I don't know when she gets all the "drama queen" theatrics from - oh, I forgot - I'm her mother - maybe she gets it from me (smile).




Layla said...

Marian - Oh I had tears just reading this. I know it is so hard but I know you are a strong peron and will get through this. I feel so bad for Mira. How is she doing now? Insha'Allah she is ok.

Big hugs to both of you. Tell Hassan if he needs anything to contact me.

Take care!

Marian said...

Thanks Layla! I will tell him to contact you if he is in need of anything. Mira's much better now but she's distracted because she's playing with her friend Jasmine. Alhamdulillah I've kept her busy all day but as you know I'm exhausted. We need to be at school tomorrow at 7 a.m. for the SAT exam. I'm a classroom supervisor (back-up). Hopefully I won't be needed. Give Zane a big kiss for me. Ma'salaam

Karen said...

Marian, I know this is hard, especially since you are there and he will be here.. but, the time will pass extremely fast. Just think, you may be able to finish about 3 quilts while he is gone, make something nice for him to welcome him home! Anyway, same for me regarding if he needs anything while in the US. I am close by and have no problem in going into DC to meet up with him. Give Mira a Kiss and hug from us, Luke would be the same way, so I can understand exactly what you must feel. xoxo Karen

Marian said...

Karen, I am sure Hassan will get together with you. I have something for you that he is carrying to the US. Ahh, to finish a quilt - a dream. Love, Marian