Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life is changing yet again . . .

As you can see, I have changed my photo. Gone is the photo without hijab. I have been wearing hijab since July 3 2006. Why do I remember this? Because we were going to the North Coast and I told Hassan I was just going to try it to see if I felt comfortable wearing it.

Knowing Hassan didn't want me to wear hijab, even though we talked about it for a long time, practically since we moved here, I tried to wear it anyway. Once I put it on, that was it. I haven't thought once about taking it off. Hassan has even started complimenting me once again on how nice I look - SobhanAllah!

The second big change is that I am leaving my job at Mira's school. My feelings are mixed but I am at peace about it. My last day will be on Sunday, October 15, when I hope to receive my final pay, Insha'Allah. I will dearly miss my co-workers, and hope to keep in touch by visiting every so often, as Mira will still be going to the school. I will continue to take Mira to school, but it won't be as early as 7 a.m. She won't need to be there until 7:45.

Ah yes, the third big change. I will be staying at home enjoying my new sewing machine. I bought a Pfaff sewing machine about a month ago and it runs like a dream. Once again, thanks to Shabaan who took Hassan and me to Attaba to find the perfect sewing machine.

Next I will be venturing to the fabric district here in Cairo to begin my quilting fabric stash Egyptian-style. OK, Omar the Tent Maker get ready, Marian's on her way!

On another note, we had a wicked sand storm today. Usually I don't mind them, but because it was about 93 degrees F and the wind was gusting, it sounded as though snow was hitting the window at school. When I looked outside I was disappointed to see that it was the desert sand in hot weather. Oh well, January isn't far away. That's when the geraniums bloom. Go figure.

Ramadan Kareem and Ma'salaam,



Karen said...

Hi, I was glad to see that you are taking up quilting again. Let me know if you need any patterns or if you need any fabric... remember my big stash! I am actually going to a retreat some time in November at the Eastern Shore with someone and they will have this thingy for three days... Jim is already fretting... but since I will leave on Friday a.m. and come back on Sunday, he will not need to miss any work... I actually have quite a bit of fabrics if you cannot find any. Let me know... and I do not have an address for you yet, so email that for me also... I have about 9 cards stacked up here at my desk to send and I have no place to send them. xoxox Karen

Marian said...

Karen - I was thinking about you really! I have been meaning to email you but since I'm finishing up on work, I am still exhausted so my energy level is quite low. You know, people at my age need to begin the afternoon nap routine. The weekend retreat sounds good. I'm sure Jim will do fine without you. You know how he frets (I like the WV lingo!). Thanks for the offer about the fabrics. I'll let you know once I make a trip to the fabric district. It's really difficult to get to as parking is at a premium, but I intend to spend an entire day scooping up quilting fabrics. We'll see. Give Luke a kiss for me! Love, Marian

Cairogal said...

Mabrouk, ya Marian! You look wonderful in this pic!

Marian said...

Alfa Shukran although I'm thinking of taking off the picture. I'm too shy to have it posted.