Monday, October 23, 2006

As Ramadan comes to an end . . .

I am asking myself if I am a better person as a result of this past Ramadan. This Ramadan was definitely better than last year's Ramadan maybe because last year was my first year in Cairo, and I heard a lot of hype about Ramadan in Egypt, but found it was somewhat of a letdown. Maybe I feel better about this year's Ramadan because I actually tried to be a better person (although sometimes it was difficult to notice) making an extra effort in the different aspects of my life.

It is not recommended when people fast during Ramadan to walk around complaining about hunger or thirst. Actually fasting in Islam is very similar to fasting in Christianity where one is supposed to put on their best face, smile, and be more kind to those around you. I think this is an overlooked commonality between the two religions (among others to be quite honest). This Ramadan helped me realize that no one is perfect (especially me) but we all do our best to get through the days together, knowing that we are all striving to please God. Knowing that others were fasting encouraged me to keep going whenever I was ready to take a sip of water. It wasn't the hunger that bothered me, but rather the thirst for water.

For me, the goal of fasting during Ramadan made me rely on God even more, realizing and appreciating everything in life.



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