Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and Don't Forget Iraq

I haven't posted in awhile because I've been too upset about what's going on with Lebanon and Israel.

Beirut has always been called the "Paris of the Middle East."

I know someone who traveled to Lebanon over this past winter and she returned to Cairo saying that Beirut was an absolutely beautiful city with the best nightlife in the Middle East.

Now parts of Beirut and greater Lebanon are being blown to bits. Why? Because Hezbollah kidnapped Israeli soldiers, and Israel in return is bombing the hell out of Lebanon. Everyday there are reports that Israel has bombed another city, with civilian casualties, and the Israeli Army responds (paraphrasing) . . . "it is never our (Israeli) intention to hurt civilians." OK, so is that why they are using heat guided missiles to take out apartment buildings? Is that why there are severe phosphorus burns on childrens' bodies?

Hezbollah should not have taken Israeli soldiers as prisoners. I don't think Israel knows how else to respond other than with military power.

I realize I am being one-sided.

I believe Israel has a right to exist. I also believe Palestine has a right to exist as its own nation without being caged like prisoners in the concentration camps during WWII.

I believe Lebanon should be left alone without being invaded by Israeli soldiers.
There is a reason Syrias soldiers were in Southern Lebanon for so long -- to keep Israel out of Lebanon. Now that Syrian troops have left, Israel seized an opportunity to re-enter Lebanon with no clearcut exit strategy. I don't think they have any intention of leaving Lebanon.

Hezbollah is not innocent by any means either. They are just as guilty as the Israelis in bombing Israel, in the taking of prisoners and the killing of innocent civilians.

I found out that Hezbollah takes care of the poor in Lebanon. They provide shelter, health care, education. And now with Lebanon at war, the refugees in Syria are being aided by Hezbollah. They are doing this because no one else is taking care of the refugees fleeing Lebanon.

While the Middle East war continues, innocent Iraqis are being bombed by "insurgents."

In Iraq it is Sunni vs. Shia. Nowhere else in the world are Sunnis and Shias against each other. Here in Egypt one is "Muslim" regardless if one is Sunni or Shia.

The Quran says that if one takes the life of an innocent human being it is as if they have killed the whole world.

Pray for Peace in the world.




Militant Muslimah said...

wonderful, balanced post...thank you for writing it!!!

Marian said...

You're welcome. I'm just so angry over the entire ME it has been difficult for me to put into words.

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