Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mira's Birthday

Before I talk about Mira's birthday, I want to let you know that I am having difficulty fixing my blog. It seems as though I got a little too comfortable playing with the html and managed to screw it up. I am still trying to fix it and hope to do so today.

May 18th was Mira's 8th birthday. We decided to have her party this year -- ahem, she decided to have her party this year, at a small amusement park here in Rehab, called Lily Park. Since we had just moved here a year ago and had a small party for for her at our home, we promised her a larger party this year. Well, it definitely had all the bells and whistles an 8 year-old would want.

Mira invited her friends from school and the neighborhood along with Hassan's entire family, and his bestest friends in the world. It was wonderful. The party started in the evening and there was a lot of dancing with life-size cartoon characters, a magic show (which we still can't figure out), and a puppet show, followed by cake and kofta.

I wish my family could have been there to celebrate Mira's day with her. Maggie's Mom said she had a small cake for Mira and Maggie's 1/2 birthday (her birthday is November 18th -- ok Twilight Zone music plays now).

Happy Birthday, Mira my Sunshine!