Friday, April 21, 2006

We are on Spring Break

We are officially on Spring Break until we return to school on May 2 -- a much needed and welcomed holiday by all. Hassan and I spent half the morning yesterday trying to decide what to do -- go to the club and swim -- go shopping to HyperOne -- go to Alexandria? We decided on HyperOne.

HyperOne is similar to Carrefour here. These stores are a new concept for Egyptian shoppers -- everything under one roof -- so to speak. Most Egyptians do their grocery shopping in the grocery store -- their clothes shopping in the various clothing stores (and even that is broken down into smaller stores for children, adult, women, shoes, etc.). Usually we go to Carrefour to hang out, but yesterday we decided on HyperOne.

HyperOne is located in 6th of October - we are in Rehab, so it is a little bit of a drive -- about 1 hour. We are used to it but to most Egyptians it is too far to travel. I don't know why we like HyperOne more than Carrefour, maybe it is because it reminds me of Target in the US with the store clearly divided between food and clothing. Mira enjoys pushing the shopping cart on the escalator (just like Target too) to go to the upper level to look at clothes.

The selection is better for us at HyperOne and the prices tend to be a little bit lower (5LE difference between Folgers in Carrefour and Folgers in HyperOne). Oh yes we must still pay for those few guilty pleasures and coffee is not one area to play around. There is excellent coffee here, actually better than American coffee, but we need to find out how to blend it, what kind, from where, etc.

And do you know the coolest thing about HyperOne -- much to my surprise -- I found the exact same chunky candles at HyperOne that I used to buy at Kohl's in the US! Now if I could only find some decent taper candles to match.




Layla said...

Marian :)

Glad you had a nice time. No HyperOne here, just Carrefour. But I envy you!! It sounds so nice! I just wrote about the San Stefano Mall and all that it has. I put a link of thier website as well. Check it out. Can you believe I live next door to this???

Anyway, I am glad that you are posting so often now. :) Any plans during the vacation? Not doing too much here.

Will have to email you soon so you can see how big I am lol.

Take care and lots of hugs!!

gamal said...

have a nice time on spring break
what do you do in this break more
I am glad that you are fine and happy say Hassan hi and mira