Monday, April 10, 2006

Out and About on a Saturday

We went to get my Egyptian driver's license on Saturday. What an experience. First of all, we had to go downtown to Dokki because that's where Hassan's apartment is located. Secondly, to my surprise it is outdoors. I am not opposed to getting my license outdoors, because if it were indoors it would have been very hot.

Hassan took my information up to a teller window and she read my name. OK so my maiden name in Arabic translates to "peas." The teller started laughing. Little did I know that I had to move to Egypt to have people pronounce my Eastern European name correctly. Can you believe it? With all the Hispanics in the US no one could pronounce the name correctly -- go figure.

In any event, she was tickled and we immediately won her over with the name.

Next we had to go to another building where we waited for a man to call my name. We went in and sat down with this intimidating looking police officer who looked at my license, stamped my papers and sent me out.

Then we went back over to the same teller, gave her the papers and she started processing the paperwork. In the meantime, Hassan disappeared into a crowd of men (hardly any women there) and paid our outrageous fee of 45 LE ($7). He came back and then I went to get my picture taken.

While we were waiting for the license photo to be processed, Shabaan met us. What a wonderful surprise.

The whole driver's license process took about one hour.

After getting the license we were off to Ramses Square (where the original Ramses statue is located) to look for patio furniture. We looked at wicker and bamboo (or rattan) furniture and while looking w found a great set of bamboo furniture for the patio. The set consists of a sofa (or loveseat), four chairs and a coffee table. The furniture looks decent, but most of all it is very comfortable.

All Hassan needs to get now is his sheesha.




Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating the blog. It has been really busy here. Frances had RR Revival most of March - late practices and shows. She also works at Giant to go to Germany (Cologne or Koln)in June. Then we had a German exchange student to 2 weeks including a big party one Saturday night. After that we had German teenagers hanging around our house every day. Busy but fun - great kids. Frances is going for her learners permit - yes driving! - this week. Hassan looks great with his friends - we really miss you all (y'all in Maryland parlance). I don't know if you got my note but Mrs. Perilla died January 27. It was, and is, very difficult. We miss her terribly. Give everyone a big hug. Frances has a web page on WE MISS SEEING YOU.
Love Tom

Anonymous said...

You've been busy little lady! And so my maiden name, now middle name, translates to peas as well, good to know. You are quite the adventurer, a regular Indiana Jones in Cairo : ) Lots of love, Lainie

gamal said...

Hello Marian, Mabrouk for your driving licenes also,mabrouk for getting your new batio set.
I red your blog on saterday and it took me a while to transelate but i finally got it. thanks for your comments and for adding me as a link in your nice blogs.
I tried to add your link to my blogs but Hassan could not figure it out how !!Please, teach him how to do it, shokran and maa-elsalama,
Gamal Mersal

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marian. I just wanted to let you know that I do think about you often even though I seldom write. Your blog is really interesting and as I read it, I feel like we're back at our old jobs chatting during lunch hour. Those were good days!

I chuckled when I read the part about your having to discipline the students and comparing it to how you behaved when you were their age. Do you think it falls under "what goes around comes around?" ha ha George and I are doing well. My grandkids are 5 and 3 -- I love being a grandma! Take care and please say "hello" to Hassan.

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