Thursday, April 06, 2006

I fixed it!

I just fixed the comments section so anyone can leave a comment on the blog --thanks Lainie :)


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Hassan, a couple of days late.
I love reading your blog, makes me feel like you are back next door again..

Anonymous said...

Hi Marian,
Glad you received my email message about the blog comments. I love the updates and have been checking your blog almost daily since you started it.
I took Maggie to the library this morning where she found a Wiggles DVD so she's enjoying her new found friends. At least it's not Caillou, boy I know what you mean.
So you are the enforcer at school, in my day at SHS, it was Ruby who everyone feared; that is a different turn of events. Although I don't think your kids run off to Sole d'Italia. I was too scared to challenge authority so I was part of the silent minority.
Maggie loves her quilt blankie, it's her "woobie" and she can't sleep without it.
Big hugs to H&M and you too on your first anniversary! Love, Lainie

Marian said...

Hi Karen! Glad you're reading my blog. . . yes, I still think we're next door to each other too.
Hugs to you and Luke, Marian

Marian said...

Hi Lainie! Wow, Ruby. I remember her. I hope students see me a better light than how we saw Ruby. I forgot all about her. Hold onto that blanket for Maggie. I hope to be making another one for her shortly after I get my sewing machine. Love, Marian

Anonymous said...

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