Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Birthday Party - Egyptian Style

Last night we went to a birthday part for Munno - Mira's cousin who just turned 4. It took place at the Cairo University Rowing Club downtown on the Nile. There was a DJ, cartoon characters, and a puppet show for the children. It was a wonderful evening.

Donald Duck kept pulling Hassan to dance, and of course Hassan never turns down an opportunity. I was a little jealous, but after finding out from Uncle Yehia that Donald was a boy, I was ok with it.

Like most Egyptians, Hassan's family always talks about food. There was a huge birthday cake with fondant icing, and little sandwiches served alongside the cake. After everyone ate, we went upstairs on the boat which is stationed on the Nile, and everyone started talking about eating Tammayya or kufta. My stomach was reeling from the cake and I couldn't even stand to think about food. After deciding what to order, it was hot dogs and kufta for all, except me. I don't know how people can eat so much food, especially after such a sugary birthday cake. I always find it amusing how many people say they're hungry after being served food.

This is what memories are made of; and with Hassan's family quickly aging, we need capture all the memories we can.




Anonymous said...

hi marian
happy nice day (birth day )
ithink not all of people in egypt like eat but hassan family only like that pleave me
el salm alekom


Anonymous said...

It looks like a great party and the children look wonderful! Thanks for sharing new pictures.
Love, Lainie

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »