Saturday, March 25, 2006

The first photo on the left is our new dining room. It's amazing to find such terrific craftsmanship at a price we can afford. No more MDF although it is sold here and quite expensive. Since this photo was taken we bought a new silk rug for the dining room and moved this green rug to Mira's bedroom. The photo on the right is the view from our front balcony. We are on the top floor so we have a blanket of stars above us at night. During the day we have a blanket of garden area below us. I still have the urge to cut grass and trim hedges. This photo was from January.


Anonymous said...

You know I look forward to reading your blog... but I need to read something more often than every 3 months... : )
I hope you are well and everyone is doing good. I finish my firt home and start on two more in the next couple of months... Very busy around here.
Email me soon please... I have lost your number under this mountain of paperwork you find you get when building a house...
xoxox Karen, we are all doing good.

Val said...

Marian -
Glad to see your updates to your blog; I was worried something had happened to you when I didn't get any emails and your blog was not updated. Your place looks great and your complex looks like a really relaxing environment. Love the pictures. Email when you can I would really like to keep in touch.


SUHAA said...

asalaam alaikum warahmat Allah,

my parents are buying a place in al-rehab. do u like it there? i came upon your blog..may Allah reward you. having lived in the US all my life i can say that when i visit egypt..or even the time i went for Umrah the most beautiful memories were of the overlap in adhan..(in egypt) whether in alexandria where my husband is from, port saeed, or cairo...
i wish i can offer this to my children..but for now the adhan clock we have in the living room will have to suffice!

Marian said...

Thanks for the comments all! Karen, sorry it's been so long -- I know - 3 months is too long. I hope to post more often. Congrats on your 1st completion! I knew you could do it.
Val, of course I want to keep in touch! I am sorry for not emailing you; I haven't checked emails in a very long time - working full time and getting home exhausted has kept me from doing everything. I hope the spring weather will pick up my mood and encourage me to write. When you look at your flowers coming up in your garden, please think of me. I miss the smell of spring in Maryland.
Suhha, Ahlan wa Sahlan! Welcome to my blog! Yes, I love Rehab. I can't imagine living anywhere else in Cairo. It's really not that far away from Nasr City or even downtown. We have the Ring Road (a beltway of sorts, Egyptian style) that takes us to Maadi and even Faisal quite quickly. We even made it to KhaneKhalili in about 30 minutes. I am happy to read that you enjoy the adhans too. There is just such serenity to hearing the adhan 5 times a day -- at first I was a little put off by it, but I have come to appreciate and accept that Allah (God) reminds us that he is ever present in my life. I used to have the adhan in MD on my pc, so I appreciate what you mean by the adhan clock.

Love, Marian

Mariam said...

V.Lovely compound you've got there. Does it got parking area too, as I can't seem to see any?