Tuesday, January 10, 2006

There's Nuttin' Like Mutton

If you are a lamb (meat) lover, then this is for you. If you are a PETA activist or care about animals in any way, you may want to skip this post.

I love animals, and yes, I eat meat - mostly chicken, beef not too much of and lamb, I think they ought to ban the slaughter of sheep.

Every Eid (meaning festival) it is a ritual similar to Greeks where each family will go to a farm, pick out a sheep and slaughter it, giving one third to the poor, one third to the family, and keeping one third for themselves. Well, we finally got around to slaughtering our first sheep.

Hassan is not religious in the least bit, actually he believes religion has its place but no one religion should be forced on to people -- I kind of agree with him on this point, but not to his extreme.

We went to the "farm" (military base where the farmer draftees raise sheep), picked out our sheep and kept it in the basement of Aunt Olfat's apartment for two days until this morning. Being the first day of the Eid holiday we went to Aunt Olfat's and waited for our sheep to be slaughtered. It wasn't too bad, I've seen worse things on television, but the hard part for me was having to eat lamb soup, lamb rice and lamb lamb lamb. I couldn't watch anyone else eat much less look at the food on my plate. Luckily the day ended and we came home.

Now we have one whole lamb in Aunt Olfat's freezer along with three other poor le moutons.

Everytime we go to someone's house for a lamb festival (which luckily has only been twice in 9 months), I think of two things: Jerry Seinfeld in the mutton episode where he would spit out the mutton into blue fabric napkins and then have dogs chase him down the street; and, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Only my episode would be My Big Fat Egyptian Family. There are no vegetarians allowed, and if you happen to be a vegetarian, you can eat lamb, because lamb really isn't meat, now is it?




Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you look great.... I miss you. I am not a lamb eater either... I keep thinking of Mary had a Little Lamb and could not get any further... we are all doing well.. I have two houses going right now... one I am working on and another that I am managing for a homeowner.... email me when you get the chance... xox Karen from West Virginia...

Marian said...

I have been thinking of you! How are you? How's luke. I will email you separately. I hear you on the lamb business. Love, Marian

Val said...

What a great picture. That is a very pretty blue outfit you are wearing. You are so much braver than I am.. I would not have been able to go through the killing of the lamb. I like to get my meat from the supermarket.. don't want to know how it got there. :-) Got your email and I wrote you back. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! Thanks for including a recent picture! I liked the Seinfeld analogy, just keep quiet if anyone starts talking about having a pony as a child :) Love, Maggie's mom

Marian said...


Glad you read my blog. I am trying to keep it up to date to let you know what's really happening here. The family here is quite extended and just about everyone is related in one way or another. It's almost scary. I love your emails and being in touch with you. I meant what I said about your friendship. :) love, marian

Marian said...

Maggie's Mom,
I've lost at least 25 Kilos (approx. 60 pounds) and am not really trying - not using a scale maybe helps. Believe it or not I have to go to Olfat's to use the scale, so it's sporadic. I'm using my clothes as a gauge. I walk a lot and try not to eat anything with butter or ghee (clarified butter) which Egyptians love. The photo was from Aunt Fawzayya's at New Year's Eve. I was frowning and Hassan caught me and said "smile"! So I did. Love to all, Marian