Tuesday, November 29, 2005

November came and went . . .

Now that it's the holiday season in the US, I am becoming very homesick and meloncholy. Maggie's birthday came and went and I have yet to call and wish her a happy birthday. Thanksgiving came and went and I miss my family terribly beyond words right now. It's not that I don't love my family, I love them so much it's just that when I call it will be one of "those" calls where I cry and say "everything's ok" in between the crying.

First of all, Happy Birthday Maggie. Two years old what a big girl she is by now getting into everything and creating a marching band with all the pots and pans while she watches Barney.

And then there's Thanksgiving. Wow, our last Thanksgiving was at our house and we had a grand time. I made everything from scratch and enjoyed the aromas in the air that reminded me of my mom preparing the Thanksgiving turkey at 5:00 a.m. to put in the oven by 6 and on the table by 12 so everyone can watch the football games on TV the rest of the day and snack on leftover turkey for the next few days.

This Thanksgiving was spent at Amy's home. Amy is the principal of the school and invited all staff and their families to her home where she "whipped up" turkeys and all the traditional American fare including, yes, canned cranberry sauce and pumpkin and apple pies. Yum!! Amy had a lot of help from the school coordinator along with the vice-principal, his wife a teacher, and three of their children. Just walking into Amy's building reminded me of my mom. I could smell the turkeys roasting from five floors away. There was a good turnout of teachers at Thanksgiving dinner. I really enjoyed it, but Hassan and Mira decided not to come because we didn't realize how many spouses would be there. Now we know.

Thanksgiving at Amy's eased the pain of missing my family; and then I realized that I am on my way to creating new friendships and feeling a sense of community in the school where I work.

I just wished I could speak a little bit more Arabic to communicate every thought that goes through my head in an average day; and believe me there are many thoughts to be communicated but I don't always feel comfortable speaking through a translator. I hope that the people I work with understand me through my smiles and the little Arabic I know.




Anonymous said...

Well, Marian we missed you a lot too!! I was with Lainie and family in their new P'burgh home. It was very relaxing, delicious, and fun. Maggie has many new toys and keeps very busy! Give my love to Hasan and Mira. You are always in my prayers, so how can I really say that it is more now at the Christmas season?? Love always, Laura

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warm wishes for little Maggie; she's growing more beautiful and yet head-strong everyday! You were definately missed at our Thanksgiving table and we fondly recalled the many wonderful holidays shared with you, Hasan, and Mira. I hope your immediate and extended family there provide you with new and special experiences and memories. Love, Maggie's Mom

Layla said...

I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Next year, why don't we get together?? ;) I could use the vacation lol.

I am glad I am not the only one feeling the same way this time of year. I am terribly homesick and really starting to hate being here.

I have the same problem with Arabic at my school. The nannies and arabic teachers are grateful at the little arabic I do speak and know that I am trying (and not lazy as some of the others think lol).

Don't worry, in time your Arabic will be great.

Thinking about you often and sending lots of hugs to you.

Give Mira and Hasan a big hello from Mo and I.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. I got an email from Margaret Goss and sent her to both here and your old email address. Thanksgiving was nice - it was my year with Missy's family. We had dinner at Sarah's in Kensington - just a great time being together. Peter is now 4 and in his 2nd year of school. Frances and Andrew both tried out for RocknRoll Revival - Fran singing and Andrew on bass guitar. Talk soon - use my work email and vze58ynf@verizon.net.

Anonymous said...

We had Thanksgiving here in NJ. It was nice. I cooked and baked. Time to get ready for the next holiday. I've started cooking already. It's been cold and snowy so far (6-8 inches, T in 30's). It feels like Pittsburgh, but they get more snow. Do you have an email? Send it to me. Love Jim

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