Sunday, October 30, 2005

It is About Time!

There is no excuse for my lapse in writing. Well, no excuse except for the fact that I've been working full-time since August 16th. I'm the only Administrative Assistant for the American school Mira is attending. Currently school attendance from KG to G 12 is at approximately 496. My resopnsibilities take every bit of energy the Bishops' meetings used to require of me.

I will be re-naming my blog, possibly opening a new blog and new look. I haven't really decided yet. There is so much to write about regarding the newest chapter of my life. I hope to describe Egypt as best I can through my personal observations and experiences.




Anonymous said...

It's good to read a new posting. Try to take time for yourself with your busy schedule. Let me know your new blog address when it's up and running. Hugs to H and M too!Love, Maggie's Mom

Layla said...


Girl its good to see you back on here!!! Miss reading your posts :)

I have been so busy too with school here. The kids are driving me nuts lol. But its ok.

Mo and I will be in Cairo this winter sometime. Maybe we can get together again?

I will try to call you soon.

Love and Miss you lots!!!

Send my Salaams to your hubby and a big hug to Mira!!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear from you!!! I certainly understand about school life being extra-busy. I remember you everyday in my prayers. Love to everyone. -- Laura

Marian said...

Well I got on line finally. Thanks for the posts. We're fine and will post something now if I don't get cut off.

Anonymous said...

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