Sunday, April 24, 2005

Getting Adjusted

Asalaama Alaikum,

Well, we've been here in Cairo for two weeks and we've been through some interesting weather including sand storms and severe thunderstorms. Egyptians treat thunderstorms as though it's a light show. We were just by chance sitting on the Nile drinking juice when the thunderstorms hit -- Egyptians love it -- we were creeped out after living in Maryland. Regarding sandstorms I wondered why I was the only one in the neighborhood who hung out white towels or any laundry to dry in the nice "wind."

We are all doing well Alhamdullilah. Mira's adjusting to school better than at first. It is going to take some time and the only thing that will really help is understanding, patience and lots of rest. We are still getting used to the night living here--going out at night means napping in the late afternoon.

Our food is mainly consisting of fuul and tamaya right now. I've lost some weight already but can't tell how much-- as long as I keep walking and sweating it off I'll be ok, I guess. Mira's not eating enough to climb the 4 flights of steps -- but get this we're on the 3rd floor. Yes, it's Egyptian math.

We got our satellite dish and air conditioner. I like to spend alot of time in front of the TV just seeing what I can find in English - we get ABC and CBS news -- Bloomberg and CNBC -- I'm a news junkie by nature.

We're going shopping for some blouses tonight for me to wear. I only have 2 long sleeve blouses and really feel more comfortable in them rather than short-sleeve tops. One reason is for modesty, and the second reason is for protection from the sun. Although we almost always have a breeze where we live- the sun is brutal.

Hassan is doing well. He's adjusting in his own way. His family calls all hours of the day and night but mostly just to make sure we're ok. He's loving it.

I miss my family, Karen, and my 'stuff.' I hope we get our boxes soon - Insha'allah May 2 they'll arrive in Alexandria. Where we will put everything is another blog entry for sure. We managed to order a dulab (closet) for Mira's room. It will be ready in 10 days or so. Knowing Egyptian time it will be more than 10 days. I'm learning that I'm one of the few punctual people in Hassan's family, but that's ok for now.

I only drive in Rehab right now - I'm too nervous to drive anywhere else - one of these days I'll make it to Heliopolis.

Ma3salaama to all,



karen said...

Hello, I miss you too.... Let me know if you want some American Magazines etc. I can send a care package asap if you need one. Luke says Hello to Mira and family. He turned 5 yesterday and got a new blue bike with training wheels. He has been riding it all over the house, inside of course. It was in the 30's today. I had to go to Warrenton and it SNOWED on the way home up in the mountains.. go figure... lol... I can't wait to see warm weather!!! I do not have your address, but I do have your phone number. Email your address and I will send you a surprise... Give all a hug and BIG KISS from me... I miss you... xoxoxoxo Karen

Deb Hassaan said...

asalaamu alaikum:


I am happy to hear you and your family are adjusting so well. Interesting that you mentioned the dulab, my husband and I were just talking about one last week.

I hope you can get, "Keeping Up Appearances" over there, I'd hate for you to miss it. There're a hoot!

Take care

Marian said...

Thanks for the phone call it really cheered me up although I know I didn't sound too happy at the time!

Marian said...

Walaikum Assalaam,

We are having a dulab made through one of Hassan's cousins. He knows someone who is making it for us. I'm finding out that it needs to be the right size with the correct amount of storage. Storage is definitely a premium here.

I hope to catch Keeping up Appearance, I just need to figure out when it's on TV.

Ma3salaama and love,


Anonymous said...

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