Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Where's the kitchen sink?

As I finish boxing up everything to be shipped off to Egypt, I recall Meryl Streep with her fair complexion, wearing romantic outfits, speaking with her beautiful accent in "Out of Africa" where she shipped all of her personal belongings from Europe to Africa only to be destined to a life of heartbreak. OK so I'm no Meryl Streep, but there's this romantic notion of boxing up memories and belongings and taking off on some wild adventure. I'm 42 and a past the point of wanting to go on a wild adventure in my lifetime (believe me, surviving my 20's was adventurous enough), but a move to Egypt with Hassan and Mira is something that we will all experience together.

I don't think there is anything I've overlooked at this point. We even had (I use the term "had") some extra room in boxes that I managed to fill with miscellaneous belongings. I could probably find a reason to take the kitchen sink if I wanted, but I'll let it go this time around.

I reminded Mira today that she only has a few days left of school here in Maryland -- they're off next week for Spring break. Every chance I get, I try to weave in the understanding that yes, we are moving soon, and it will be a change for all of us, but to remember that change can be good too. It will take time for all of us to adjust to our new home.




Layla said...

Marian :)

I only saw a small part of that movie, can you believe that? But I just love Meryl Streep movies :)

I am very sure you won't forget anything lol. Just don't forget to rest!!! ;)

Salaams and lots of hugs

Marian said...


I am running on empty already. Just as you experienced recently, I go to bed exhausted and wake up tired. But Insha'Allah it will all be changing soon enough.

Ma3salaama and love,


ummlayla said...

You are going to be in Ciaro? We think we will end up moving to our apartment in either Naser City, or (if we manage to keep the place there) Agooza some day. But, we are here in the US for now.

I will be interested to hear all your adventures in moving!LOL I know that within a few years we will be looking to do the same. Our oldest is five now, and by the time she is 9-10 we want to be in Egypt, insha'Allah.


Marian said...


Thank you for reading my blog and for leaving a comment!

We have been planning our move for 3 years - Mira was 3 almost 4 when we started talking about moving.

Our apartment is in El Rehab outside of Nasr City. It all seems as though Nasr City keeps sprawling to meet Heliopolis. I can't figure out where one suburb begins and another one ends.

I am finding out that it is very important that all of us who think of moving to Egypt or actually do move to Egypt share our experiences so we can be of help to each other. Insha'Allah I will be able to offer you some kind of help as you walk on your journey.



UmmLayla:) said...

Seems like we are on the same time-line, I am just a few years behind you! Is there something about the kids starting school that makes the our husbands think of going home?LOL We always knew that we wanted to go there, I want to be in a Muslim country... But it is on our minds more than ever these days! I am so happy that you are sharing your experiences, I think it is great for those of us planning to do the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »