Friday, March 18, 2005

Moving right along . . .

We are finishing up packing boxes and they are ready to be shipped. We spent at least an hour the other day at the Bryantown MD post office. That poor postal employee spent an hour measuring our boxes telling us "They're too big." I can't even tell you how many times she repeated herself. If we want to send anything in a box to Egypt via USPS it cannot measure more than 14x14x14. (It's very lucrative for the USPS, though.)

We decided to go with our original plan of shipping on a freighter using a commercial shipping company called uboxworldwide. Their rates are pretty reasonable at least on the US end, and our boxes should arrive in about five weeks. Hassan will need to drive to Alexandria to pick up the boxes and take a good businessman with him to talk down the customs agent. Customs taxes in Egypt are subjective; each agent determines customs -- there are no set guidelines.

Hassan keeps telling me "I don't know where we're going to put everything." OK we are taking more than originally planned, but we are paying for the space on the freighter and whether or not we use it is entirely up to us.

I am able to take all the china and dishes and many other things I thought would have stayed behind.

Since our new pc is packed we are using our old pc which is very slow, and not very well protected from viruses.




Africanuck said...

You will absolutely NOT regret taking your china with you. If you are looking for really nice china here, it's hard to find and being imported, very very expensive. I hope that you packed the silverware and crystal glasses too, you won't regret that either.

Good luck on the move.

Marian said...

Dea Africanuck,

Thanks for the advice on the china. I packed the china, silver and the crystal. Just as Mira's toys will help her ease into her new lifestyle, my "toys" will help me too, hopefully.



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